All Orisec metal control panels feature a pre-drilled mounting gantry for quick and easy installation, removing the need for sticky pads or feet. Connection is via a simple RS-485 lead, which provides full upload/download and signaling without the need for dial capture or a separate modem. Programming only takes seconds.


Communications Modules CSL

GradeShift UDL

The GradeShift range offers installers a reliable product that is easy to install on a single hardware platform for any grade of risk. It provides multiple signalling paths that embrace all available technologies.

DigiAir UDL

DigiAir utilises all mobile networks instead of a telephone line - an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators.


MiniAir is the smallest radio communicator on the market. It utilises all mobile networks via CSL's WorldSIM to signal an alarm from the protected premises to a Smartphone, alerting a keyholder. It is designed for residential premises as an affordable upgrade for bells-only systems.


Communications Modules Emizon

Emizon TCD

The Emizon TCD provides secure, dual-path alarm signalling for intruder, fire and CCTV systems. It utilises a combination of IP, GPRS or LTE paths and is ideal for upgrading sites to IP in commercial or domestic premises for any grade of risk