Take a look at just some of the amazing products & services we’ve launched in 2023.

  • SQ-400_AM – Sequential Confirmation Dual Technology Anti-Masking Detector
  • Stainless Steel Signs with Your Logo
  • DP2+ and DP3 Dual-Path variants available with CSL Connected
  • New Keypads: RK-720, RK-850, RK-920 & RK-1050 with Integrated Wireless Expanders
  • CQR Contacts, Cable & More
  • ControlPlus2
  • TK-1250 Touchscreen Keypad
  • Full Range of Black Products
  • Updated Wireless Covert Shock Detector


Wait until you see what’s coming next year!

Thank you to all of our amazing customers – we look forward to bringing you even more in 2024!