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Keyfobs, Doorbell, PA and Prox

Wireless Keyfobs

Two, four and six button keyfobs with bi-directional comms and multi-colour LEDs. The keyfobs have exceptional range and battery life, with a true battery reading and frequency hopping technology.

Wireless Doorbell & Push Button

Fully Programmable Doorbell & Push Button provides push notifications to the app and has signal strength indicator & night time LED blink.

Wireless Double Push Panic Button

2 button panic alarm with bi directional comms, a true battery reading and exceptional battery life. Available in black and white.

NFC Prox Readers

Internal & external NFC prox readers which offer the ideal access control solution in devices that maintains the contemporary and sleek Orisec design.

Prox Tags

NFC Technology presented in a simple and compact design with the opportunity to brand with your logo and details.

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