Wireless Panel Kits

Create your own Wireless Panel Kit by choosing from over 20 wireless devices.

To help you elevate your brand we’ll even add your logo.

Step 1: Choose your Panel

W-CP-40K Kit

W-CP-40T Kit

W-CP-40E Kit

RK-400 Keypad as standard

(Optional keypad upgrades available)

Step 2: Choose any 5 Wireless Devices from the Following:

Wireless Detectors

  • W-IR-100
  • W-IR-100-PET
  • W-QD-100
  • W-IR-200
  • W-IR-200-PET
  • W-QD-200
  • W-QD-360

Dual Tech upgrades available:

  • W-DT-300
  • W-DT-360

Wireless Push Button / Doorbell

  • W-DB

Wireless Double Push Panic Button

  • W-PA

Wireless Shock & Contacts

  • W-MC-C
  • W-SD-MC
  • W-SD-MC-C
  • W-SD
  • W-SD-C
  • W-ACCC


  • W-KF-2
  • W-KF-4
  • W-KF-PA
  • W-KFI-2
  • W-KFN-2
  • W-KFI-4
  • W-KFI-6

10x Prox Tags

  • PROX-T

Step 3: Optional Upgrade – Add a Wireless Sounder







Step 4: Contact our Sales Department

Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5pm – 01706 398700sales@orisec.co.uk

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