A customer gave us a scenario where their end user had an electric gate, but they wanted to control the gate from the alarm system either via the APP, wireless keyfobs or keypads. However, they could not get a cable to the gate.

By wiring a W-XPR-EXT (External Wireless Expander) into the Orisec Panel network and mounting on the outside of the property, they created the opportunity to have line of sight with the electric gates.

Inside the electric gate, they used the clean set of contacts to wire into the relay output of the Orisec W-ROX-1. This meant they could then trigger the output from any of the devices set to work with panel. They also utilised the input in the W-ROX-1 to monitor the gate if it was open too long.

This is one scenario of many that this device could be used for, some other ideas include: