The W-RP-PSU is a powered wireless repeater with battery backup which can be used to increase the range of a wireless installation.


  • Increase range of wireless devices
  • 2 Way wireless communications with simple enrolment
  • Frequency Hopping Technology to avoid signal blocking
  • Elevate your brand visibility with optional screen printing
  • Includes 2 x Programmable Inputs (NC/NO), eg to connect to a wired contact
  • Multi-Colour LED Indicators can indicate battery life
  • Powered by mains supply or 12 VDC.
  • Built in Digital Thermometer that could be used to control outputs
  • Grade 2

Example Uses

Scenario 1

On a larger site, you could strategically place several expanders and repeaters to ensure multiple paths for wireless signals to get back to the panel.

Scenario 2

A customer adds an outbuilding at an existing site. The system is already wireless but the signal from the outbuilding is low. You could add a W-RP-PSU in the main building to allow another route for the wireless transmission to get to the expander.

Scenario 3

Your customer may have a garage and a shed. The garage is near to the house and the shed is at the bottom of the garden. The garage has local power. You could add the W-RP-PSU in the garage to work as a repeater for the shed detection, you could also then use a wired heavy duty or roller shutter contact and wire this to the W-RP-PSU, so this can be sent back to the main panel via a wireless expander.