TK-650 Touch Keypad


  • Grade 3
  • Company Logo on Screen
  • 5″ Touch Screen
  • Integrated Installation Manual
  • Programmable Screen Designs
  • User Selectable Colours
  • Keypad Randomiser
  • NFC Prox Tag Support
  • 3 Zone Inputs OR Outputs
  • Programmable Volume Levels
  • Light Sensor
  • Self Adjusting Backlight
  • Temperature Sensor
  • On-Board Sounder
  • 16 Ohm Speaker Driver/Output
  • Modular Backplates – Flush, Low Profile or Surface Mount
  • Five Finishes: White, Metallic Silver, Metallic Grey, Graphite & Piano Black

Patent No. GB2554744 & GB2554700

20 Preset Colour Themes

Chose from any of the 20 preset colour themes or custom set your own colours.

Your Company Logo on Screen

Elevate your brand by displaying your company logo in full colour.

Preset Themes

Mounting Options

Flush Mount

Front Plate Dimensions WxHxD
166mm x 121mm x 11mm

Hole Dimensions WxHxD
140.93 x 105.93 x 31.00

Low Profile

Front Plate Dimensions WxHxD
166mm x 121mm x 27mm

Surface Mount

Front Plate Dimensions WxHxD
166mm x 121mm x 27mm

Colour Options

Metallic Grey



Piano Black



Selectable Languages Per User

“It’s great to be able to set up the keypads with a different language for different users.”

Keypad Randomiser

“Customers love the extra level of security in being able to randomise the keys on the touchscreen keypad.”

QWERTY Keypad on Touchscreen

“The QWERTY keypad on the touchscreen makes both the installation and use of the keypad so much quicker and easier.”

TK-650 Touch Keypads Specification

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