Introducing the New W-VP: Wireless Vehicle Protector

  • Learns to a Dedicated W-VP Zone Type*
  • Screen Printed with your Logo
  • Alarm or Chime Mode
  • App Control via ControlPlus2
  • Programmable Comfort Armed LEDs*
  • 1 Button Simple Arming
  • IP54 Weather Resistant
  • Shock or Movement Detection
  • Automatic Arming Option
  • Strap Available in 3 Colours
  • Wireless Signal Strength Indication at Device
  • Multiple Mounting Options*

* Patents Pending

The W-VP has been designed to protect your customers vehicle by activating their home alarm and/or app notification when motion is detected in their vehicle. It acts as a visual deterrent whilst also giving them an early warning if anyone is trying to access their vehicle.

The W-VP comes with a specifically designed strap that is available in 3 colours allowing your customers to connect it to their steering wheel either vertically or horizontally. Alternatively, the strap is removable and there are screw holes for surface mounting. This versatile product can therefore protect cars/vans but also trailers, E bikes, agricultural machines, caravans, golf bag / expensive possessions in outbuildings etc.