Orisec Alarm Monitor Software

Monitor your Systems Remotely via PC Software

A front-end software program that is receiving information from an Orisec panel(s) via our communication module (CM2), installed on a dedicated PC for monitoring purposes.

Provides clients the ability to monitor intruder events / system notifications for various applications.

Usage Examples for you, the Installer

  • Add multiple sites
  • Prioritise events / notification in order of low / medium / high / very high
  • Add notes and actions upon receiving notification
  • See status of each site on a dashboard to understand if action needs to be taken i.e Building A should be armed at 10.00pm, currently showing unarmed.

Usage Examples

In a hospital environment showing where staff / patients need assistance

Holiday Park, keeping holiday makers valuables safe whilst away from their cabin / caravan

On site security guard, monitoring multiple buildings i.e University campus etc?

Care home

Monitoring individual storerooms across multi sites where access should be limited. High value stock

Football Stadium