When powered locally these wireless detectors can be used as a repeater to extend system range.

  • W-IR-200R – Wireless PIR Detector
  • W-IR-200R-PET – Wireless Pet Friendly PIR Detector
  • W-QD-200R – Wireless Quad Detector

Scenario 1

There is an existing wired system, but the customer wants to add a shed/outhouse onto their system. The panel is located at the front of the property, and you can’t wire an expander to the back of the building.

In this scenario you could add a local expander, such as WAP or W-XPR to the panel. Then replace the wired PIR at the back of the house for one of the new ‘R’ range detectors.

You could then add a detector/s in the shed and use the Wireless ‘R’ Detector to repeat the signal back to main expander.

Scenario 2

The install is an existing ID system. The main issue is the lack of availability of ID biscuits and replacing the wiring could be costly.

Therefore, one option could be to replace the panel, expanders and detectors with a wireless system, but use the existing wiring to power the detectors, therefore reducing the servicing cost of wireless as detectors would not need a local battery.

Scenario 3

If ‘R’ Range detectors were installed at the back of a property this additional coverage could help to cover the back garden. This could be useful in the event of someone falling or hurting themselves as they could trigger a medical alarm via a wireless keyfob.