EFT Systems secure Blackpool and Fylde College using the ROX-10

The Challenge
Blackpool and Fylde College were experiencing multiple issues with false alarms and tampers etc which was compounded with the obsolescence of the current equipment. EFT currently have the maintenance contract for the intruder systems and Fire systems so are the incumbent supplier. They needed a solution that would allow them to incorporate existing equipment whilst upgrading the system to the newest technology available.

The Solution
The Orisec equipment is one of only a few manufactures that can incorporate the existing detector resistance values. Additionally, to provide a 20% spare capacity Orisec have 10 circuits on their panels and expander units. The ROX 10 units came in handy as they utilised this connecting the 5 panels together and to use for a multiple indicator panel. The engineers hold the equipment in high regards after completing this tricky large system (550ish circuits) “Tech support was brilliant.

The ROX-10

The ROX-10 is a 10-way relay output module with additional connections for zones, 16 Ohm speaker, external prox reader and an Orisec W-AP (Wireless Access Point). The ROX-10 is for use with Orisec control panels via the panel’s network connections or via a wireless connection
(Using the W-AP). Additionally, the ROX-10 can also be used standalone for connections to 3rd party devices utilising the inputs as triggers.

The Future

Originally ETF Systems chose Orisec simply to have a different option than their current supplier. Now having used the equipment, they simply think “Why not. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

“EFT Systems will utilise Orisec at every
opportunity we get to do intruder systems.”

About EFT Systems
EFT Systems formed in 1974, as an integrated security manufacturer, designer, installer and maintainer across the North West has seen a rapid ransition in recent years. Building on a mature Client base, still retained into our 5th Decade. EFT Systems has become one of the leading
providers of Life Safety and Security Systems across the UK.

EFT Systems are accredited to NSI Gold, and ISO9001. The combination of the Quality Management Systems and the relevant sector specific product or service represents the Gold standard of certification

About Orisec
Founded on invention and innovation with a focus on exceptional design and performance, Orisec has filed in excess of 100 patents, registered designs
and trademarks.

Above all, our products are reliable and easy to install.

Professional installers are welcome to visit our 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and training facilities which are located 20 miles north of Manchester, in Haslingden, Lancashire.